1st Choice Trailers Web Site Redesign

Web Site Design

New Trailer Dealer Web Site Works as Hard as the Owners

1st Choice Trailers’ previous web site had met the client’s needs for several years. But the business had opened a retail location on a main commute and began to offer aggressive specials and other incentives. The old web site, built on a server-side application which, while powerful and very useful, had been end-of-lifed, the client needed a new web site that not only took advantage of current technologies but also offered opportunities to reflect their specials and news items as conveniently as possible, as well as all their trailer inventory, for visitors.1st Choice Trailers’ new web site takes advantage of modern web technologies and practices to provide a modern site to meet their future needs. The new site also takes advantage of larger screens and modern bandwidth capabilities. The full site also displays well on mobile devices — which drive more than 75% of Internet traffic as of this writing — for today’s increasingly mobile American lifestyle. No paired down “mobile” site for this trailer retailer!

The 1st Choice Trailers web site is hosted by Kansas Chun Kuhn Taekwondo Association.

The previous 1st Choice Trailers web site, while functional, had begun to show its age.

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