Clinton’s Custom Horseshoe Art & BAR-B-Q Pits Web Site Redesign

Jun 20, 2018 | Web Site Design

A Beeee-Yoooo-Tee-Ful Web Site Redesign

We finished a beautiful web site redesign for Clinton’s Custom Horseshoe Art & BAR-B-Q Pits. Clinton added Pits/Smokers to his product list over the last year. Thankfully, Clinton has plenty of attractive horseshoe art to display on his new web site. Clinton’s new design takes full advantage to showcase his work and performs equally well on computers and mobile devices, such as smart phones, which now dominate Internet searches. Clinton’s old site (see screenshot) was functional but we think you’ll agree that his new site is a significant improvement! Clinton’s a nice guy and does great work. Like a true craftsman, he cares about his craft, and cares about his customer. And his Bar-B-Q Pits are da BOMB! Please join us in congratulating Clinton Mikolajczyk on the launch of his new Bar-B-Q Pits/Smokers…and his new web site!